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We know that the journey doesn't end once you land in Israel.  The Grouping Approach is the only course in Israel that is geared solely to helping children of Olim Chadashim enter their first year of school with ease. 


Our unique program naturally teaches the four building blocks of Hebrew.  Our children are guaranteed to learn the basics of listening, speaking, reading and writing through our fun interactive games and songs. 


So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and give your child the

gift of confidence. Let them soar!

This year give your child the gift of confidence!



Our goal is to build up the confidence of the children we teach and improve their knowledge of the Hebrew language 

Before entering their first year in the Israeli school curriculum our pupils will know:


The names of the 22 Hebrew letters

The shape of the letters, including the five final letters

That reading and writing Hebrew is from right to left

The sounds of the four groups of the Hebrew letters 

The five groups of the Hebrew vowels

Correct pronunciation of the letters  ח ע א ה

The Grouping Approach songs

Basic subjects, vocabulary, phrases and grammar 

Reading by blending letters and vowels sounds

Reading by blending syllables

Writing script letters


When a child learns with meaning they understand

When a child learns with meaning they understand

our secret
our secret to teaching



The Grouping Approach believe children of all ages are having difficulty learning because of the way that they are being taught. In a conventional classroom, students with all learning standards are shoved together and taught in one way, resulting in little to no comprehension of what is being taught. 


Our unique program was developed by keeping in mind the basic concept that every child is different and should be taught in a way that he/she will understand. 


This is done by teaching our pupils in the same manner in which a child learns his/her first language. 


Listening, speaking, reading, writing and learning with ease. 


Our children learn and become familiar with the sound and pronunciation of the Hebrew language. As naturally as a baby develops, our pupils learn how to sound out the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The last two steps come hand in hand as they gain the skills of reading and writing by using their knowledge of what they have previously learned. 


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From day one, I knew that The Grouping Approach was unlike any other program! After the first lesson both of my children came back home singing in Hebrew! They taught me what each word meant and asked when they were going to go PLAY again

-Sarah Rachel, Ramat Gan

This is a program that provides real value to the Oleh community. The Grouping Approach boosts the children’s confidence and allows them to start off the school year on the right foot. This approach of learning should be implemented throughout all classrooms.​

-David Azuli, Tel Aviv

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